About Us

My name is Delon Anthony, and I’m an avid home cook.  In the last few years I’ve invested a decent amount of money in a set of kitchen knives.  As they’ve dulled with use, I’ve tried a few different sharpeners to try to bring my knives back to their original honed edge.

Most of the results were mixed.  So I spent some time on the Internet looking for the best knife sharpener out there.  What I discovered was a TON of information on sharpening knives of all sorts.  But there’s so much information that it’s difficult to make a decision.

So I’ve researched all the top rated sharpeners and sharpening systems and put them on this website.  I try to offer an honest opinion on each piece of equipment based on it’s quality, price, and ease of use.  I hope you find the site helpful.  Check back often as I’m constantly updating the site with new reviews, tips, and sharpening techniques.

Delon Anthony